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Creating Healthy Boundaries

The rush of carbohydrates and/or sugar can lead to cravings in the brain and compulsive behavioral eating patterns. Carbohydrates and sugar reprogram the pleasure/reward pathways that lead to addictive dietary habits creating unhealthy metabolic patterns that store toxins, produce excess fat, and promote size gain. Since excess carbohydrates and sugar can make us overweight and sick, it follows that the best and perhaps only way to avoid becoming overweight and enjoy a lean/healthy presence is to avoid excess carbohydrate and sugar rich foods that are responsible.

Below are six questions that may assist you and those around you in making a decision if the Y-Crave™ product could be of support. If you answer yes to any of the following questions you may wish to consider the Carb and Sugar Control Advancement product as a new friend. You may be struggling to switch your eating without realizing that your body has been fighting you, basically moving you to eat, and then store the excess food as fat. Carbohydrate/sugar enthusiasts have a tendency to gain weight easily and when they are able to lose size/weight, they almost always regain back the size/weight and then some. Often times the enthusiast does not understand that there is a physical defense mechanism resulting in an excess of insulin and this leads to self-blame for their lack of control and weight/fat struggles. The goal here is to set healthy boundaries.

  • Do you have a difficult time avoiding sweets, junk food or starchy foods?

  • Do you notice that the smell or sight of food stimulates a desire to eat even though not hungry?

  • Do you frequently snack at night?

  • Do you get tired or hungry in the afternoon?

  • Do you continue to eat even though unpleasantly full?

  • Do you feel sluggish, almost intoxicated after a large meal?

Y-Crave™ is an all-natural herbal based formula that puts the support-for-control back into the minds and hands of an individual. Taken once or twice a day (depending upon habits) this remarkable product supports the signaling process in the brain and digestive track to settle those unhealthy cravings. The results are quickly appreciated and respected.

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120 Capsules

“After the second week I was able to have full control over the carbs.”
“I love this carb/sugar control product and am so thankful to have it in my life. I cannot imagine my life without this product.”
“This product helped curb my cravings and get me past devouring every carb in sight when I was stressed out or needed comfort food. Great product!”
While taking this product, I did not obsess about carbs. It was easier to just say no and I didn’t feel deprived. For the first time, carbs aren’t controlling my life.”
"I love this product. I call it my insurance policy. I feel so much better without all the sugar in my body. Truly life changing!"

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